Artist Promotion

Filmmakers collaborating with actors to create beautiful, eye-catching showreel scenes. 

Filmmakers with a track record.

As feature filmmakers our work has been theatrically released right around the world, winning many awards. Artist Promotion is a creative outlet which allows us to work with great actors and hone our craft. Our Director, Dean Francis has a Master of Arts in Directing from AFTRS and has taught Directing, Cinematography and Acting at some of the best film and drama schools. 

Best facilities available.

We use the same camera and post-production systems as the worlds biggest film studios, including the RED Epic-W camera which shoots at 4X the resolution of cinema. Our vast kit of cinema-quality lighting ensures you look fantastic in every shot. We use only high-end post-production equipment and our RED RAW colour-grading process ensures eye-catching results every time.


Supportive, strong direction.

We have collaborated with (and often discovered) some of Australia's most sought-after performers. No two actors work in quite the same way and forming a collaborative bond quickly is essential to get to the heart of subtext and objective. Powerful, effective an nurturing direction is the key to any great screen performance.


Individual style.

Our reels don't look like 'scenes for hire', they look like scenes from an actual film or TV show. By engaging us to create a unique style, tailored to your specific objectives and casting range, you create the perception of a body of work and stand head and shoulders above the competition in an industry where first impressions are everything. 


Work with us. 

Shoot with us on location or at jj splice and explore contrasting sides of your screen presence and performance skill. 

  • Shoot with Director / Cinematographer and Sound Recordist / Focus Puller (2 crew)
  • Cinema quality camera & lenses, wireless lapel microphones and high-quality location cinema lighting
  • Multiple camera angles (close-ups, mid-shots, wide-shots)
  • Multiple takes to ensure the best possible performance is credited in the edit
  • Create dynamic blocking, captured with a moving or static camera
  • Distinctive visual style
  • Full post-production: edit, colour grade, sound design and music
  • Delivered digitally and hosted on our gallery for easy streaming and sharing on any device and uploading to casting websites
  • Rehearse on set with the director

Full-day Shoot (2 Scenes) $1,960 (incl. GST)

Half-day Shoot (1 Scene) $1,090 (incl. GST)



    Frequently Asked Questions

    Whats the first step in shooting my scenes?

    Contact us via this site or by telephone and come in and meet with us. 

    We can advise you on the style of your scenes and choice of material, or write a scene for your specific objectives. We're also happy help out with location suggestions and scene partner casting.


    What is the duration of each scene?

    Our package pricing is based on 2-hander scenes with a duration of approximately 3-minutes. We can always create longer scenes but as they take more time to shoot and edit, these will cost slightly more. 


    How long do we shoot for?

    A full-day shoot is 9 hours, including travel from Surry Hills and a 45-minute lunch break. 

    A half-day shoot is 4 hours including travel. 


    Where are scenes shot?

    Most of our clients find a location which suits the style of their scene. Sometimes this is their own house, a friends business, a rented space, an Air BnB house or simply out and about on the streets.

    Some clients choose to shoot on location at jj splice films at no extra charge.

    Locations are generally within 20km of the Sydney CBD. Additional charges for travel time are incurred outside this radius on order to preserve quality. 


    Can you help find a scene partner?

    Yes, many of our former clients are keen to work with us again and will often be scene partners for new clients. We have relationships with most theatrical agents in Sydney as well as a database of emerging actors keen to become involved. We're always happy to suggest casting and connect actors. 


    Can I have my drama coach on set?

    Absolutely - some clients wish to be directed by their drama coaches on set, or just have them there for support. 

    In the event that your drama coach is directing, we aim to discuss the approach to coverage and style before the shoot so that everyone is on the same page and we can achieve the shared vision on schedule. 


    What are your payment terms?

    Full payment must be made prior to commencement of filming. We accept credit cards, PayPal and EFT.


    Can I split the cost of my reel with another actor?

    Yes, this is a great way to keep costs down. However, it's important to let us know if you are doing this so that we can either make sure that coverage on both actors is equivalent; or create two separate edits to emphasise different aspects of each actors work.


    How long does post-production take?

    Usually we complete post-production in 14 business days from the shoot. We guarantee to have your post-production completed within 21 days of the shoot. 


    How are scenes delivered?

    We deliver digitally, and will send you a link where you can view and download your completed scenes in different formats and file sizes to suit a wide range of uses on the internet. 


    Do you keep my footage?

    We archive the best takes of your shoot for twelve months after completion. Takes not used in the final edit are deleted 30 days after the shoot.


    Can I get a copy of my raw footage?

    We can upload a timecode-stamped version of your footage for your own reference for a charge of $66. We do not supply full-resolution editable footage as all post-production is completed in-house.


    Can you help promote my work?

    We regularly feature scenes we have created with actors on our Facebook page and our clients' work has been seen by thousands of film industry professionals. We'll let you know if we are going to post your work so that you can share it to your own page. In the event that you do not want your work featured, please let us know. 


    What if I want to make changes to my scene?

    The vast majority of our clients do not request changes to scenes after they have been completed. We are adept at judging performance and selecting the most suitable takes in performance. 

    However, clients are always welcome to collaborate with us in the edit suite to make changes to scenes after delivery. This service is charged at $130 per hour.

    Scenes for which no changes are requested within 14-days of delivery are archived.