Epic 8k01.jpg


RED Epic-W Helium 8k
RED Scarlet-X 4k
RED 7" Touch LCD
RED 5" Touch LCD
V-Lock & Jetpack Expanders
512GB & 256 GB RED Mini-Mags
EF & PL Mounts
Low Light, Skintone and Standard OLPFs
Canon 7D mkII

Camera support

Movi M10 & Mimic
RED shoulder mount rig
Oconnor 1030D Tripod System
Manfrotto HD509 Tripod System
Cloudmount Vibration Isolator & Car Mounting System
Kessler Shuttle Pof 12ft Slider


Ziess ZE Prime Lenses
(15mm, 21mm, 28mm, 35mm, 50mm, 85mm)
Canon L Series Zoom Lenses
(16-35mm, 24-70mm, 70-200mm)
Tokina 11-16mm
Dog Schidt Optics Trump 58mm


Fiilex Q1000 Bi-colour LED 2000w X 2
Mole Junior 2k with Re-lamp 2000w Daylight LED fixture
Dracast 1000 1'X1' Bi-colour LED Panel with softbox
Fiilex P360 Bi-colour LED Fresnel 3-light kit
Dedolight 150w Tungsten 3-light kit
650w Tungsten Fresnel 3-light kit
Kinoflo Select 30
LitePro Flurobanks (4-bank & 6-bank)
LitePro Z96 LEDs X 8
C-stands / Shot bags / Triple Riser Stands
6'X'6 Scrim Jim / Black floppies / Had & soft bounce

Camera Accessories

RedRock Micro Remote Follow Focus System
Redrock Micro Blue Follow Focus
Small HD DP7 Display
Ikan 9" Field Monitor
Eclipse 500 HD-SDI Transmitter & 2X Receivers
RedRock Micro Matte Box
Switronix RED Hypercord V-lock batteries X8
Rolux V-lock batteries X8
Tiffen Filters


Sennheiser G3 Bodypack Transmitter / Receiver Lav Mic Kit X 4
Sennheiser ME66 Shotgun Microphone
Sound Devices PreMix-6 Field Recorder
Boompole & Blimp


Professional Edit Suite
MacPro 12-Core X2
Tangent Elements Colour Grading Panels
Epson TW900 Projector X2
Professional Monitor Speakers
Ezio ColorEdge 29" Colour Grading Monitor
Dell 29" Monitors X2