jj splice has years of experience delivering content for cinema, broadcast, ancillary and online formats and has serviced content distributors around the world. Our comfortable post-production suite utilises RED Digital Cinema native workflows from editorial through to colour-grade, and digital delivery for any platform from web to 4k DCP. 


Screening and Production Space

Our screening and production space seats 30 people and features HD projection, Dolby Digital Surround Sound, kitchenette (with popcorn machine) and comfy lounge seating. It's a great space to show clients our work, hold focus-test screenings or functions. Our feature film DROWN screened for a successful 10-week theatrical season. 


Production Equipment


Our arsenal of in-house production equipment gives our clients tremendous flexibility. Featuring the latest 8k RED Digital Cinema Cameras, the Movi M10 hand-held stabiliser and a large selection of lighting and audio equipment.