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Deni Hines - The Soul Sessions


THE BRIEF:  To create two cost-effective, high-production-value music videos to launch singles from Deni Hines' album THE SOUL SESSIONS.

THE PROJECT: We developed two contrasting visual styles: in the first instance, high-contrast monochromatic imagery with a floating camera and for the second clip, highly saturated portraiture with a locked-off camera and mapped projection over Deni's face with a rear-projected background.  

DENI HINES - I Got Your Back

DENI HINES - What About Love

Be Sexy. Be Safe.


THE BRIEF:  Aimed at gay men under 30 who are sexually adventurous and haven’t been tested for STIs in the past 12 months, the campaign brief was to humorously engage the audience with the subject of STI testing over a long-running social media campaign to run throughout 2017.

THE PROJECT: We conceived and produced a comedy web series which told three separate stories, each running for 5 episodes. Season 1 was hosted on a microsite , and 15-second social media promos were created for each episode. We also produced assets for a print and online stills campiagn to drive traffic to the site. Season 3 is currently in production. 


Season 2 

Season 1 - Social Media Promos


Evoluzion Music - Changes

Director / cinematographer / editor: Dean Francis


I'll Fight For You - Kevin Tiah


Director: timothy may
Cinematographer: Charles Mori



THE BRIEF:  Design and implement a video, print and web campaign aimed at same-sex attracted men between the ages of 18-26.  Campaign objectives were to increase HIV awareness; increase engagement with HIV testing; increase HIV risk reduction knowledge; increase understanding of relevant youth services and reduce stigmatising language and attitudes.

THE PROJECT: We recruited five young gay men from around Australia and filmed interviews and observational material over a week. We produced 10 short subject-specific videos which were hosted on a microsite, Additionally, we created 15-second promos for each of the videos, and a character-introduction promo for each character. These were used by the client to create a social media campaign to drive traffic to the micro-site. Other campaign assets included printed posters, thumbnails, and animated banners for online advertising. 

The Queer Agenda
(Mardi Gras Film Festival Trailer)

Client: Queerscreen

THE BRIEF:  Originate an engaging trailer for the Mardi Gras Film Festival to screen before each session of the film festival and on cable and free-to-air television as well as online. 

THE PROJECT: Craig Boreham wrote & directed the trailer which was filmed at jj splice and featured a diverse cast of characters. An aged-film look was developed using scans of old 16mm film reels. The 1-minute theatrical version was delivered on 2k DCP and the shorter versions were delivered to broadcast spec as well as compressed for social media distrubution. 




THE BRIEF:  To engage LGBT youth with personal video stories of community members who defy social expectations of gender and sexuality. Videos were launched during a Google Hangout online film festival and followed by a live streamed discussion with participants and experts.

THE OUTCOME: We created four short documentaries focused around themes of gender identity, family, and bisexuality. We supervised production of a further ten documentaries from filmmakers around Australia and created weekly 15-second promos to raise awareness about the Google Hangout events.



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