Stories driven by passion. 


jj splice films has produced acclaimed and boundary-pushing content for 15 years. Our work has been commercially released in over fifty countries, engaged an online audience of millions, screened in hundreds of film festivals, broadcast on television internationally and garnered dozens of awards.

We believe strongly in the power of motion picture to engage, support, and educate by eliciting powerful emotions in viewers. Our focus is the delicate alchemy of sumptuous, emotive images supported by artful editing and dynamic design of music and sound. But the most important element is always the story. 

We are a full-service production company with extensive in-house facilities including a centrally-located production studio, high-end professional RED Digital Cinema cameras and a state-of-the-art colour-grading and editing suite complete with broadcast monitors and projectors. From creative and concept development, through to casting, image acquisition, editorial, colour-grading and delivery for any digital, cinema or broadcast requirement - we're hands on from start to finish and welcome close collaboration with clients.

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